Health box of 4 herbal tea sets

Выберите количество и вес для добавления в корзину.


4 herbal 50 grams tea sets can be assembled in a box with any herbal tea at your choice. We will add with pleasure wood shavings filler, a booklet and a bouquet of Sayan herbs. 

These beautiful gift sets with handmade herbal tea are offered to purchase as a gift! Plywood box cutting and our logo engraving is done by using modern laser equipment. 

You can also use this wooden box as a casket. Such a gift set is worth presenting to a business partner, administration of the president, a work colleague, or beloved parents. Because this gift is made at a very high quality and represents a fashionable mainstream. Moreover, this gift is very tasty, healthy, stylish, beautiful and practical! 

It is pleasure to present such a gift, and it is even more pleasant to receive it from the hands of a person dear or close to you. 

Box size: 330*185*65 mm. 

Drink herbal tea of Khakassia and get younger with every cup of it! 

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