Alpine meadows herbal tea

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The components of this unique herbal tea are collected in mountain meadows covered with herbaceous vegetation in the Sayan Mountains alpine zone above the forest border. This is why it is called Alpine meadows tea. Herbs of this herbal set are selected in such a way to improve the functioning of the entire digestive tract, liver, kidneys and pancreas.

It includes the following 11 components:

Meadowsweet – this plant is able to enhance the cleansing function of the liver and relieve headache; meadowsweet-based drugs are used for rheumatic joint injuries and diabetes mellitus;

The essential oils of inflorescences of common Saint-John's wort are the best natural means to treat stomach ulcers and duodenal ulcers, as well as gastritis;

Origan is the champion herb containing vitamin C and the strongest natural antibiotic, has positive effects on renal colic (helps to remove sand) improves appetite, positively affects pancreas;

Fireweed inhibits the inflammatory process and has a healing effect on acute and chronic diseases of the prostate, adenoma, inflammation of the ureters and chronic inflammation of the bladder;

Dead-nettle is used for inflammatory diseases of the kidneys and the entire urinary system, and for its gastrointestinal medicinal properties to cure cystitis, urethritis, nephritis, pyelitis;

Lemon balm is used for gastric colic and digestive disorders;

Steppe mint is used for irritability and sleep troubles, digestive disorders and gastritis; this herb also has antiparasitic properties and heals intestinal micro flora;

Thyme is especially effective in treating digestive disorders, insomnia, bloating and in healing of ulcers and wounds;

Common melilot is used to treat bronchitis, dropsy, pain in the intestines and in the bladder; also used to cure flatulence;

Nettle leaves are used to improve the general metabolism in case of gout, allergies, liver diseases, and anemia;

Hill-growing saltwort is indispensable medication for kidney, heart and liver diseases; it is widely used to reduce blood pressure and to enhance liver cells regeneration.

If you want to be cheerful and strong, smart, kind and beautiful – just go ahead, buy our herbal tea!

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