Koporsky tea (fireweed fermented with origan)

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The beneficial properties of fireweed (Russian, Koporsky tea or “Ivan-chay” fermented) have been known since the ancient times. Its production began as far back as 12-th century in the village of Koporye, where its name came from. 

This set of herbs increases immunity and resistance to various infections, strengthens blood vessels, binds and removes heavy metals as well as purifies body under various intoxications, including alcohol; it also prevents the accumulation of radicals and enhances performance. It has positive affects to the immune, endocrine systems and inflammatory processes. The tea is used in the prevention and treatment of prostatitis and prostate adenoma; it also improves men virility. See more information about the Koporsky tea on our website.

Origan adds its own notes of taste and wonderful aroma to this already delicious tea; moreover, it conciliates nerves, decreases the blood pressure (what is greatly needed by hypertensives), improves digestion, and enhances lactation of young mothers. 

The process of fermentation greatly enhances all the properties of willow herb. 

We make Koporsky tea according to the Old Russian recipe, adapted to modern technologies. First, we collect the fireweed leaves and let it fade in shade in a special room, so that excessive moisture disappears from it. Then the leaves are evenly twisted and pressed on special rolling equipment. After the leaves are twisted on the roller, the lumps in row material are manually broken and disassembled to get crumbly final product! Then we put the twisted mass into a room with a temperature of 28-30 C, below this level the fermentation process goes very slow and gives not high quality. The fermentation duration is from 16 to 36 hours, as the herb starts to smell like fruits with a slight acidity and becomes brown in color. By many trials our family came to the result that the most delicious tea is obtained by fermenting it within 24 hours, which we now commonly do. 

After the fermentation process is finished we put fermented fireweed leaves to infrared dryers with ceramic heaters, which correlate in their emission spectrum to the radiation of traditional Russian oven, used by our ancestors to process Koporsky tea since centuries. Here it is baked at a temperature of 85 degrees, which is an average frying making the tea even tastier compared to other manufacturers production! The aroma spreading around is just wonderful! After the infrared drying process is finished, Koporsky tea matures for at least 2 months more in closed large craft bags in a dark place. This is so-called dry fermentation process.  


  • Fermented fireweed
  • Origan

Drink herbal tea of Khakassia, improve your health, enhance your mind, and reinforce your body! 

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