Rhododendron adamsii

Выберите количество и вес для добавления в корзину.


Caution: overdose can cause overexcitation, impaired urination, the blood pressure increase!

Instruction for use: add 3-5 leaves and stems per a cup of boiling water, as an additive to other tea.

Rhododendron adamsii (or the white wing, the Tibetan wing, Sagan Dali, Sahan Daila) is an herb that truly extends life and serves as a very powerful natural energetic means. It tones up the body, energizes, gives strength, vitality and improves mood, along with that, it slows down the aging process, stimulates the cardiovascular, urogenital systems, and kidneys. This herb also cleanses the body of toxins; dissolves kidney stones; increases workability, stamina, libido and physical exertion resistance; relieves fatigue, headache and joint pain; normalizes the blood pressure; reduces oxygen consumption; and has stimulating effect on mental activity and concentration. Rhododendron adamsii shortens the sleep time duration without affecting the sleep onset. It removes swellings and bruising under the eyes and reduces the wrinkles; destroys pathogenic micro flora of the buccal cavity and intestines; strengthens the immune system.

Components: upper cut (2-5 sm.) of Rhododendron adamsii (the Tibetan wing, Sahan Daila).

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