About herbal tea

Our company LLC "Herbal teas of Khakassia" produces 18 different sets today. We planned and arranged every our tea set having its own unique taste and working to enhance specific area of human health! After all, herbal tea should not be only useful, but also very tasty, bringing pleasure of tea drinking! Therefore herbal teas of Khakassia are tasty sip of Siberian health!

All they can be grouped into 12 black ones (this is fermented fireweed tea both pure and with various herbal additives) and 5 green herbal teas (compositional, original recipes), consisting mainly of medicinal plants and berries collected at the right time and dried in the right way. 

We also point out one separate herb, which is one of the strongest on our planet and growing in the Sayan Mountains only at the altitude of around 1,600 meters above sea level. It is called Sahan-Daila (Rhododendron adamsii, Tibetan wing, white wing) and translated from the Buryat language as the herb that prolongs life. This herb is amazingly tasty and fragrant! To my personal taste it resembles a mixture of tart caramel and strawberries.

The town of Sayanogorsk, the location place of our herbal production, is situated in one of the most unique places of our vast country in the south of Siberia on the banks of the mighty Yenisei River. 

Our Khakassia Republic is called the sunny Khakassia, because we have even more sunny days in a year (311 days) than the Black Sea coast does! Since we are located at the foot of the western Sayan in the most southern part of all Siberia, the climatic conditions allow us to grow not only the most delicious tomatoes known throughout Siberia under the Minusinsk Tomato brand, but also delicious apples, pears, apricots, peaches and even grapes with no particular problems!

The town of Sayanogorsk is located at the point where the endless Khakass steppes soar up the ridges of the Sayan Mountains to 2.5 km altitude above sea level. This is the reason for such a rich concentration of climatic zones, ranging from steppe, forest-steppe to alpine and mountain-tundra. That is why a very large number of strong medicinal plants are concentrated in our region. 

The most important point is that there are no any harmful industries for a hundred of kilometers around. And of course we cannot even speak about highways in the mountains. As a result we get thousands of square kilometers with no human foot set on the soil, where nature is just pristine! There is also no any possible GMO contained in our herbal teas of Khakassia!!!

Well, if you combine the use of our herbal teas with high physical activity, proper nutrition, refuse any unhealthy habits, you are likely to be inscribed to the list of long-livers at our planet!

All herbal teas have the following beneficial properties:

• help to achieve calm and pacified state of mind

• enhance health of the heart

• help digestion

• purify and cleanse the whole organism 

• provide energy and positive self-feeling   

• strengthen nervous system 

• enhance immune system 

• provide antioxidants 

• enhance the organism and increase the level of energy and forces 

• soften the stresses

• minimize colds and acute respiratory viral infections

• stimulate the work of all systems and internal organs of the body

• improve sleep

• caffeine free

• have refined taste and aroma

Drink Khakass herbal tea and you will face no health problems!!!