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Hello dear visitors of our site and followers of healthy lifestyle! My name is Vasily and I run “HERBAL SAUNA Regional Development Center” LLC, which began its activity in Novosibirsk in 2001. In the fall of 2019 I created a new company in Khakassia to assure the taxes are paid to my native and dear region, the company was called “Herbal teas of Khakassia” LLC.

Initially, our main activity was the provision of cedar barrel services in different parts of Novosibirsk city. Then we started our own production and trade of cedar barrels since our family accumulated many years of experience and expertise in this area. Actually, it was my grandfather who in 1970 invented the herbal barrel and the method of aroma healing by using medicinal herbs sauna. My grandfather’s name is Podterebkov Vasily Grigoryevitch. The patent for the invention was registered and still exists. My father, Podterebkov Vladimir Vasilyevitch, is a folk healer. He produces ointments, very effective balms and infusions and has been dealing with the medicinal herbs since my earliest times I can remember. So, I continued my family business.

Over the time, the range of herbal barrels that we were producing in Novosibirsk increased with the constantly growing quality.  Now we produce a huge range of cedar products: there are more than 20 types of herbal barrels, fonts, ofuro, furaco, infrared cabins with ceramic and film heaters, products for baths and saunas, steam generators for cedar barrels, etc. All this is presented at our main web site:  www.fito-sauna.ru and www.фито-сауна.рф.

Nature in Khakassia and near our city combines various ecologic zones, from the steppe to the mountain-tundra. This explains more than 200 types of herbal variety that we procure! Herbal barrel revitalizing effect for cardiovascular, skin- arthral, bronchopulmonary diseases is mainly achieved due to correct and relevant composition of medicinal herbs. Our family has been accumulating this practical experience for almost 50 years! On our web site we offer various herbal sets and collections to everyone.

We will be glad if you try and appreciate our products, made with all our soul, energy, knowledge and experience!

Herbal tea is such a beautiful healer, that you will not need a pharmacist!