Quality assurance
All our herbal teas have successfully passed all laboratory tests on 15 food safety parameters. Especially to guarantee quality and safety, we have passed voluntary certification and received a Certificate of Conformity, in addition, received the Declaration of the Customs Union. You can also see them on our website in the section CERTIFICATES

Taste Guarantee
Each herbal tea from our assortment has a unique bouquet of taste and aroma that will not leave anyone indifferent! Many of our clients who have tried our herbal teas say that they returned to the past, to their childhood, to their grandmother in the village ... Therefore, our herbal teas will not only warm you, but will also give you a lot of health and positive emotions and memories!

Delivery guarantee
You can be absolutely sure that you will receive your chosen and paid herbal tea! I am already engaged in medicinal herbs in the third generation, so this is even more a matter of reputation, which has been created over the years, and in my case it will soon be half a century!

Guaranteed no GMO
All medicinal herbs that are part of herbal teas are collected in ecologically clean places of our republic of Khakassia, in the Sayan mountains up to 1800 meters above sea level! All plants are wild plants, which eliminates even the smallest likelihood of the presence of GMOs in them!