You can use the following means of payment:

1. Cash 

You can buy herbal tea sets in our KEDR herbal center in the town of Sayanogorsk, located at the address: Republic of Khakassia, Sayanogorsk, st. Pushkina, 17. The center is open from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 21.00 local time.

2. Transfer to card of SBERBANK

Payment can be made by transfer to a card of Sberbank of Russia by using card number or payment requisites. You can use “Sberbank online” service or “mobile bank” service of Sberbank. In case of the last instrument, please use 9135497711 phone number when sending the following SMS to the service number 900:

 TRANSFER 9135497711 XXXX (where XXXX is the payment amount in RUB)

3. Cash on delivery upon receipt of goods at the Russian Post office

You pay cash on delivery upon receipt of the order.  The ordered goods are accompanied by relevant documents: invoice, sales receipt or certificates, if ordered. Please, notice the Russian Post Office charges extra fee on the cost of order as to the following tariff rate: 

up to 1,000 RUB:  40 RUB + 5% of the order cost

1,000 to 5,000 RUB: 50 RUB + 4% of the order cost

5 000 RUB to 20 000 RUB: 150 RUB + 2% of the order cost

20 000 RUB to 500 000 RUB: 250 RUB + 1.5% of the order cost

More information on the delivery details can be found on the Russian Post website. 

Note! When you pay for the order on the web site by using any other convenient means you are not subject to cash on delivery extra fee and save about 6-9% of the total order cost. Paid immediately at the web site orders which cost more than 1200 RUB are delivered free of charge.  In this case you save not less than 350 RUB of the order cost. 

4. Bank transfer  

If you want to make payment directly to the LLC "Herbal teas of Khakassia" account, please inform us and we issue invoice for you.