Health bag

Выберите вес и количество товара для добавления в корзину:



Health bags are packed as small linen gift sacks and can be filled with any tea of our whole product collection at your choice!  

It is very fancy today to present handmade gifts to anyone: business partners, parents, relatives or lovely people for a birthday! Health bag is 100% suitable for all these occasions. Every herbal tea of our collection is instantly hand made. Every set of herbs is collected with hands from May to October in Sayan Mountains; and only in October when the herbal material is ready and dried out it is packed to your delight. Linen sacks are made by a good hand wife with care and love; this is why our gifts do carry health, love and good spirit! It is a big pleasure to present such a gift and it is even a bigger pleasure to get such present from hands of your lovely or dearest person.  It will make your relations even closer because you can taste it immediately in an intimate circle.

Tea cannot be drunk with whomever!

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