Выберите количество и вес для добавления в корзину.


The basic part of this tea set is fermented willow herb (or fireweed) which greatly affects lactation, extends breast feeding period and enriches milk with vitamins and microelements thus improving health of babies.  It contains no caffeine which is also very important for breast feeding.

Dill seeds in this herbal set not only improve lactation but also positively affect baby’s digestion decreasing infantile colic and stomach spasm. Leaves of nettle restores mother forces after breast feeding, improves haemoglobin level, strengthen organism to overcome stresses.  Racemes of origan add some unique tones of taste, sedative and anti-microbial affects and also improve lactation and can be used to cure kidneys, liver, gall-bladder, gastrointestinal tract, and hypertension.


  • Fermented fireweed
  • Dill seeds
  • Leaves of nettle
  • Racemes of origan

Take the lactotea to strengthen the health of your children!

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