Breath of taiga herbal tea

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Components: prairieweed, taiga raspberry leaf, willowleaf spiraea, dragonhead, calendula, aronia berry, rose hip berry.

This highly fortified tea was created for people suffering from hypertension. It has light aftertaste of honeycomb and helps reducing blood pressure, as it includes all the herbs and berries that contribute to this! 


- Prairieweed is used for dysbiosis, intestinal poisoning, allergic reactions (along with calendula) of various etiologies, gastrointestinal infections, stomach ulcers. Prairieweed, willowleaf spiraea and aronia berry enhance each other and give a synergistic effect in the treatment of diabetes and balancing blood glucose levels. Prairieweed regulates fat metabolism of the body and digestion.

- Raspberry leaves are used as a good antipyretic, decreasing the blood pressure, reducing inflammatory processes, purifying the blood; this herbal means is also useful for pregnant women in the last month of pregnancy, as it prepares the birth canal and facilitates the birth process.

- Willowleaf spiraea is used in folk-medicine to treat diseases of the kidneys, bladder, stomach, intestines, heart failure; it dilutes the blood, prevents the blood clots, strokes, heart attacks, varicose veins, and also reduces the blood pressure.

- Calendula serves as an anti-inflammatory means and has a choleretic property; it cleanses the liver, slows down the growth of tumors and is very useful for women during menopause and hypertensive patients, at the same time it relieves swelling, and serves as an immunostimulator.

- Moldavian dragonhead helps with gastric and intestinal diseases, improves bile production, work of digestive tract and the bowel area; it also positively affects severe headaches, various types of neuralgia, rapid heartbeat and high blood pressure...

- Aronia berry is just a storehouse of microelements, minerals and vitamins!!!  These berries activate redox processes in the body and enzyme systems, thus they are used to stabilize and lose weight. It also reduces glucose level and the blood pressure;

- Rosehip berry - it also has a multivitamin composition and helps reducing the blood pressure.

Drink Khakass herbal tea and don't notice any problems!!!

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